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Full 1-on-1 Online Coaching

Training + Nutrition

All online personal training clients (full training + nutrition plan) will receive a fully personalized training program tailored exactly towards your goals! After sign up you will receive a detailed questionnaire that asks in depth questions about your past health & exercise history that will allow me to piece together and construct your program tailoring it to your needs. When published, each program comes with a fully personalized training routine, macronutrient nutritional targets (explained inside), weekly macro adjustments, and a private 1-on-1 chat that I check multiple times throughout the day to make the appropriate adjustments to your program. With 1-on-1 ongoing communication we can stay on the same page throughout our time working together to answer any questions that you might have and keep you progressing toward your goals!

Online Coaching

Nutrition/Macro Only

Clients that opt for online personal training (nutrition/macro only) will receive a personalized nutrition program tailored towards their goals and in sync to your current exercise program. On your health & exercise questionnaire it is essential to be as descriptive as possible about your current workout routine so that we can put you in the best position possible to gain lean muscle (calorie surplus) or focus on decreasing body-fat and leaning out (calorie deficit – explained inside!). Your nutrition program will come with optimal macronutrient targets, weekly average weigh-ins to monitor trends, weekly macro manipulation/adjustments, and a private 1-on-1 chat as we work together toward your goals!

1-on-1 Personal Training

Currently Not Available (Traveling)

55 minute 1-on-1 personal training sessions are held locally (Franklin, NC) at local parks & fields. These sessions will have equipment provided and provide a hands on experience in helping you progress toward your individual fitness goals. We will track your progress by using posture assessments, strength tests, before/after photos, measurements, and being attentive to how your clothing fits. I will also provide for you a nutritional plan that will be accessible through the clients only area of the website based upon your health & exercise questionnaire & your individual fitness goals.