My Personal Journey in Health & Fitness

May 2011 – A few months right before I stepped into the gym for the first time ever.

It all started in 2011 when I had hit rock bottom that it was time to make a complete lifestyle change. When I walked into the gym for the first time I was 24 years old weighing in at 135 pounds soaking wet (pictured right) and was on an absolute mission to get physically fit and change the unhealthy habits that were weighing me down. I played sports most of my life but anytime I ever worked out previously I never had a set in stone structured plan or never really cared to stick with it. I just winged it every time. This time was different. Things had to change and the gym was my new escape.. this time it was going to be different!

4 months in – Starting to see noticeable changes!

I remember as soon as I got home from from a vacation that I began searching online for a gym routine optimal for my body-type. I began writing down exercises, meal plans, stocking up on healthy foods, and also ordered a few supplements. I was taking this seriously for the first time in my life and nothing was going to stop me from getting in shape. I still remember my first workout to this day and it was quite humbling. I remember struggling to bench press 100 pounds and on the shoulder press I could only muster pressing the bar over my head for a few reps. Even though I was extremely weak I was determined to make progress and get stronger and better with each workout!

Personal Training in Orlando, FL (2014)

Quickly I began adding weight to each exercise and the progress showed. I started to noticing changes in my body in as little as 4 weeks. I was hooked! After 4 months I hit my first 2 plate squat (225 lbs) and had built a solid base of muscle as a foundation. (pictured left). There was no stopping here. The fitness lifestyle became my number one focus and I looked forward to each workout with each passing day. I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and began pondering ways I could coach and help others also reach their fitness goals. After the 4 month mark of lifting weights consistently (pictured left), I began to study for my personal training certification test. The social media platform Instagram had also began insanely popular at this time and I began posting photos of my fitness journey on my personal account. In 2013 I passed my certification test and really started growing my page. This is when the idea of online personal training came into focus and MattJamesFitness™️ born.

I began personal training in the Orlando, FL area (3rd picture, right) and also focused heavily on online coaching. I built my own website (MattJamesFitness.com) and loved being able to work with people all over the world and help them reach their goals. I knew when I had first set out to begin my journey in fitness I had many questions. I had to engulf myself in tons of research, finding the optimal program for my body type, and sort through tons of contradictory information. It is my goal with online coaching to provide you these time saving answers that helped me reach my goals and share them with you so you not only make great progress whilst we work together, but also enables you to sustain a long-term fitness lifestyle even after our coaching has expired.

Matt James

NASM CPT • Personal Trainer

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