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With my wife Hannah & son Samuel (Franklin, NC – 2017)


About Me & My Journey Through Fitness

When it comes to starting out on our own personal fitness journey’s we all must start somewhere! For myself, I walked into the gym for the first time back in 2011 weighing 135 pounds soaking wet (first photo on the right) and couldn’t even press an empty barbell overhead for a couple of reps. I was deconditioned, out of shape, and I knew that I needed to begin working on my health & fitness NOW instead of waiting and further procrastinating while risking myself to get further out of shape & later pay the consequences for it.

It was in August of 2011 that I set out to commit to a routine and lifestyle change for the first time and the results were almost instantaneous. After just a couple of weeks I began to start noticing positive changes in my body composition and muscle definition… I was hooked! These results only motivated me to push harder and harder and commit to reaching my goals. Everyday I studied different routines, forums, and used trial and error to learn all that I could to continue progressing and making gains. I then knew in 2013 that this is what I wanted to do for a living. I wanted to help others reach their goals and make the same transformation that I did! I received my NASM Certification, put together a website, began filling up my Instagram page with fitness content, and online coaching (MattJamesFitness.com) was born!

A lot has happened since I began coaching and training others back in 2013 with the most important event happening in March of 2014 when I personally received Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour.  I gained much perspective over the past few years now being settled down with a family and living for the Lord. Fitness no longer consumed me but I learned to find a balanced approach to put God 1st, My family 2nd, and then myself last. This did not mean that Health & Fitness was no longer important! Being a good steward over our health and staying active is of extreme importance to be able to fully serve the Lord and take care of the body that He has given us. It just had to find its place and no longer be the idol that it once was that fully consumed my life.

This is my why I preach balance, flexibility, and sustainability when it comes to my online nutrition & workout programs. Working out 6-7 days a week is likely not possible for most people! Each day will require planning, preparation, execution, and most of all… consistency to be successful! With my programs I utilize a flexible approach where you can make excellent progress training as little as 3 days per week and still eat foods that you enjoy. Unlike with most fad diets and gimmicks you see in the health & Fitness industry, I’ve found that this approach paired with hard work and consistency is excellent for long-term success and sustainability.

 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

Colossians 3:17 KJV

About Matt

My Transformation (2011 -> 2016)

Lean Gaining (135 lbs -> 181 lbs)