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What Is Online Coaching?

1-on-1 coaching personalized to your goals & needs

Online coaching is becoming very popular among the fitness community. With my online coaching programs it is my goal to help assist you and provide full 1-on-1 support as you strive for your fitness goals. My programs consist of the client receiving a fully detailed and personalized workout routine and nutrition program that’s tailored to your individual goals and needs based on the information you provide when filling out your detailed health history & exercise questionnaire form. Once published, we communicate back and forth periodically through your own private page in the ‘clients only area’ and through detailed progress reports & check-ins to make continual adjustments as you make progression week to week. You will also check-in weekly for new and updated macros to stay in the most optimal calorie & macronutrient targets for your goals. Questions can be asked at anytime during our time working together with a guaranteed response under 24 hours to give you the answers needed or make the appropriate adjustments before your next workout.  It my goal with online coaching to help assist you as you work toward your goals and learn the necessary information for long-term consistency and having the knowledge to continue to do so even after our coaching has expired.

Online coaching benefits

  • Gain lean muscle
  • Lose body-fat
  • Improve in your sport
  • Learn flexible dieting (if it fits your macros)
  • Find the optimal calorie & macronutrient targets
  • Make progression toward your goals week to week and learn how to make the appropriate adjustments to break through plateau’s

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1-on-1 Personal Training

(Orlando, FL)

1-on-1 hands on training
Train 2-6 sessions/week
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Group Personal Training

(Orlando, FL)

Customized Workouts
Train with friends or group
Train 2-6 sessions/week
Free nutrition/macro setup
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Online Coaching

One-Time Payment

Available Worldwide
Fully Personalized Training & Nutrition Program
First 4 Weeks of Coaching Included
Full 1-on-1 support
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